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On 27 April 2020 mid the Covid-19 Pandemic, we opened up our CurbCycle Recycling drop off facility and collection services for both residential and businesses. There was a need for a space to drop off mixed recycling as so many people were simply just putting it with their trash going to the landfill. So we worked on speeding up the process of opening our facility to assist with this.
Currently we are supporting the residential and smaller recycling collection service companies by giving them a drop off site. It is important for their clients and themselves to know that their recycling is being sorted into the correct codes and then moved onto the bigger Recycling companies and manufacturers in the Cape Town areas for further processing.



Recycling Solutions for Every Request


Sign up for our weekly curb side collection service.
All that is requested from you is that you put your recycling into bags (preferably clear ones) and place it outside on the curb side and we will collect from there.
We take it all!
Plastics (all codes) - Cardboard K4 -Tetrapak - juice boxes - Clean polystyrene - please rinse food trays - Clean food tins - Cans - Aluminium cans, cold drink cans, beer cans - Aerosol cans - White paper - used printing paper etc - Glass


CurbCycle is an environmentally aware company aimed at providing solutions that are practical and affordable for businesses.

We offer a comprehensive yet practical and 'easy to use' waste management solution for all types of buildings or company structures.

Our process of agreeing to a solution is:

  • we engage with the customer in order to understand their individual needs and method of work

  • we calculate what bins, cages and systems are needed, agree on their location and the process of disposal

  • we do the necessary number of collections in the week

  • we ensure that your waste material is further separated at our warehouse prior to it being sent off for processing

  • all sorted recycling is distributed to accredited and approved recycling companies

  • we regularly conduct feedback sessions with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction, refine solutions and grow further opportunities.




"Curb Cycle has completely saved us, and our warehouse (and office) and created an efficient and effective recycling system.
- UCOOK Operations Coordinator l Kirsty Gibbings



This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Faithful to Nature

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!


'We had been looking for a simple way to recycle ourselves for some time now and when I found out about CurbCycle I was overjoyed to tell my wife about it! We signed up immediately. Friendly, efficient and very simple to just throw everything in one bag and they sort it out (except for glass of course....) glass goes into a separate bag for safety reasons (which they also collect) . We are grateful for the service provided by Lee and her team! The costs are minimal and for the service we get, it's totally worth it!!'

Bex l Muizenberg

"We have only had excellent service from CurbCycle. Their personalized service and attention to detail is a fresh attribute to their incredible passion as environmentalists"

Alex l Kenilworth

'So grateful to CurbCycle. You have lifted a huge burden of guilt for me and of course the hassle of taking my recycling somewhere where I am not sure what happens to the stuff - does it go into landfill ? are they really processing the waste appropriately?
I recommend CurbCycle with utmost confidence and gratitude. Thanks for all you are doing. The earth is grateful too. '

Mary-G l Zeekoevlei



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